Red Vein Haunted House

Every year I join the Red Vein Army to take promotional photos of their newest attractions.

Client: Red Vein Army
Role: Photographer

I’ve earned some press for this Project. Including a cover-page for Richmond Magazine.


Visions of Horror.

For several years I have had the pleasure of working with the fine (terrifying) folks at Red Vein Haunted House. I became involved with the group right from their genesis through my freelancing work–I actually worked at another haunted house as a designer and Assistant Stage Manager. From there, I have been deeply involved with the haunt community, and when Ryan Sligh opened this first haunt based on their unique philosophy, I couldn’t say no.

It has been a pleasure to photograph the demons and demented dwellers who make up the Red Vein Army through the years. Here are a few of my favorites.

The incredible thing about this group, the thing that makes them one of the most awarded and appreciated haunts in Virginia, is their philosophy. Most haunted houses simply have employees who put on masks and jump out at you. There are a lot of jump scares, but not much substance. Red Vein Haunted House, however, hires actors and puts on an actual show. They involve you in the story of the haunt–which is an ever-evolving, complex mythos.

If you want an intense, immersive haunted house experience with a real creep factor and excellent storytelling, you have to check out the Red Vein haunt. It’s an ever-expanding world, because they’ve just opened a year-round escape room. They even have Christmas haunts, Spring-O-Ween, and other charity events.

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