When you need a good story, well told. Stephen King called it magic, a form of time-travel, a form of telepathy. I agree.

Keep the Truth Buried

THUS TO INNOCENCE is my first published novel. The story is a thriller that centers around an accidental homicide in a small college town.

Tom McCabe and two friends accidentally killed a fellow college student, Nico Ruiz. It’s a clear case of self defense, except Nico was running drugs for the region’s deadliest gang, the Black Thorns. Rather than take their chances with the small town police and risk evisceration at the hands of the gang, the bury Nico’s body, destroy the drugs, and let the rain wash away the evidence. For all intents and purposes, Nico has completely disappeared.

And that’s a problem.

To the small town of Pendra, Virginia, a missing college student is big news. Big enough to launch a national media frenzy and a citywide manhunt. As Tom tries to act innocent and misguide the police, the Black Thorns begin a manhunt of their own. And that manhunt has led them to Tom.

Just as his accomplices start to crack up.

THUS TO INNOCENCE is about shame, revenge, and what it means to be innocent.

End the Scourge of Abysmal Book Trailers

IN A WORLD is my response to the constantly expanding glut of awful book trailers. As both an author and a video producer, I wanted to offer some of my production knowledge to help fellow writers make book trailers that don’t suck. Because currently, most do.

Whether you’re epublishing, traditionally publishing, or trying to snag an agent, using professional video production techniques to up your game and help sell more content is a strong and often unexplored way to market your books.

In A World is more than a quick guide to teaching you how to make your own book trailer. It’s a way to help you market your book so you can create something that’ll get more attention than those 25 views from your Great Aunt Mildred. It’s an easy-to-follow guide to the basics of video production, including how to script your trailer, budget, find actors, crew, locations, light and film a scene, edit and create graphics, and what to do with it once you’re all done. You’ll be surprised with how quickly you’ll see the quality of your marketing (and maybe even your writing!) improve.

I want to help authors. That’s why I’ve written In A World: How to Make Book Trailers that Sell More Books. I hope you use it.

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