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Exciting news! Just as we enter the holiday season, Thus to Innocence will be making it’s public debut. It has been a long time coming, and I am ready to reveal this book to the world. Whether you’re buying it online or in print, get it just in time to ruin your holidays.

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Writing is one of the purest forms of storytelling. It allows you to create stories within your imagination, and the imagination is a wondrous place. There is no substitute for it, there is no way to capture it, and no amount of money or star-power can ever reproduce it. Your imagination is where the most powerful stories truly live.

Along with my video work, I am also an author. Here you can find novels, books and articles that I have finished and a few previews for work that I am currently creating. I encourage you to enter worlds that exist only in my mind…or yours.

How to use book commercials, trailers, promos and videos to sell your book

In A World: How to Use Book Commercials, Trailers, Promos and Videos to Sell Your Book

The world is in chaos, even if you don’t know it. There is an endless population of writers, authors, tinkerers and pontificators vying for an audience. And somehow everyone’s making money doing this. Well…everyone except you.

How can you stand out from the crowd? How can you sell more books, or impress more publishers, or reach greater audiences?

With video. For your book.

Whether you’re epublishing, traditionally publishing, or trying to snag an agent, using production techniques to up your game and help sell more content is a strong and often unexplored way to market your books.

In A World teaches authors like you how to create video content that actually helps you sell more books. You’ll learn how to create videos, commercials, promos, trailers, and interviews that advertise for your latest horror novel, or love story, or sci-fi fantasy, or even your non-fiction biography. This is an easy-to-follow guide to the basics of video production, including how to script, budget, find actors, crew, locations, light and film a scene, edit and create graphics, and what to do with it once you’re all done.

A must-have for any new author.

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Thus to Innocence

Tom McCabe knows the recent string of executions across campus is his fault.

Tom and two friends accidentally killed Nico Ruiz, a fellow college student. It’s a clear case of self-defense, except Nico was running drugs for the region’s deadliest gang, the Black Thorns. Rather than take their chances with small town police and risk evisceration at the hands of the gang, they bury Nico’s body, destroy the drugs, and let the rain wash away the evidence. For all intents and purposes, Nico has completely disappeared.

And that’s a problem.

To the small town of Pendra, Virginia, a missing college student is big news. Big enough to launch a national media frenzy and a citywide manhunt. As Tom tries to act innocent and misguide the police, the Black Thorns begin a manhunt of their own. They’re executing anyone connected to Nico, searching for their drugs. That search has led them to Tom.

Just as his accomplices start to crack up.

THUS TO INNOCENCE is about shame, revenge, and what it means to be innocent.

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