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That’s right! Thus to Innocence is finally being released! To celebrate and get the word out, I’ve created a shiny new book trailer…er, book video. It has been a long and involved process from when I first started jotting down the basic outlines of this story back in 2008. I hope you are as excited as I […]

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Book of Revisions

10 Ways to Shorten Your Writing

Whether you’re writing your next script or your long-awaited manuscript, you’ll always run into the need to “pare it down”. As an author, I had the unfortunate need to trim my 600-page whopper down to a manageable 300-ish page novel. Along the way, I picked up a few tricks on how to bring brevity to my […]

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Trailers for Books – Using Video to Market Your Book

The world is in chaos, even if you don’t know it. The internet has broken the sound barrier when it comes to instant communication and instant gratification. There is now an endless population of writers, authors, bloggers, tinkerers and pontificators all vying for an audience. And somehow they’re making money doing this. They’re selling their products to […]

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Shooting Richard writes books!

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