This isn't just what I do.

It's who I am. Whether it's creative or informational, dramatic or educational, straight-forward or artsy, my passion is to tell stories through beautiful, powerful images.

More Information

I am a video producer, director, and editor. Learn more about me here.

About Shooting Richard


I am a Creative.

I work with clients and production companies to help tell stories that need to be told. I promote brands and advertise content, I question the status-quo and search for new perspectives, I marry the visual with the logical. Whatever I’m working on, whether it be a feature film or a featured product, I pour all of my energy into it.

If you’re interested in filmmaking as a craft or a profession, check out my resources page or the articles page where I keep up-to-date information as best as I can to help others with the same passion.

But enough writing. Here you can find many of the videos I’ve worked on recently, as well as information about other projects I’ve helped bring to life.