Richard Bland College: Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

A video outlining Richard Bland College's newest advantage to their students, the Guaranteed Transfer Agreement.

Client: Richard Bland College of William & Mary
Agency: Hawley Martin Agency
Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Check out Richard Bland College’s website to learn more about them.

Richard Bland

Guaranteed to make a difference.

Richard Bland College of William and Mary was in need of a video to explain the new Guaranteed Transfer Agreement that they were signing. I worked with the Hawley Martin Agency as well as some fantastic crew members from the freelance world and Fraga Studios to tell this story for the college.

As the producer, director, and editor of the piece, I was already wearing several hats when I learned this was a relatively quick turnaround project, too. In fact, I delivered the final piece less than 2 days after we finished shooting. To help keep things simple and fast, we ran several cameras all around campus, and used Fraga’s slider to create the quiet, smooth feeling of the footage.

This was a welcome challenge creatively, as well, because I had to come up with a concept and something to shoot while no one was at the school. It was the middle of Winter Break for the students, and the grounds were just about completely abandoned. We decided to show off the potential of higher education and give the shots a sense of regency and elegance consistent with academia, while still keeping the piece light and inviting.

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