My job: Producer, Director

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Sprocket Media Works

Not Just Another Cog in the Wheel.

Looking for Shooting Richard in the real world? You can find me producing and directing videos for Sprocket Media Works. Sprocket is an award-winning, full-service video and multimedia production company based in Richmond, VA. We are passionate about developing and executing creative media that moves an audience to action. With our unique mix of experience, creativity, and technical mastery, we deliver powerful linear and interactive media on any screen, in any venue, around the world.

We work on projects from conception through completion, meaning we can either work with an agency or work as the agency to bring your brand to screens across the globe. We develop creative, write, scout, shoot, edit, design, animate, and place media of all types.

Each member of the team has worked with large companies and Hollywood-size productions, and just as importantly, intimate and personal projects. Together, we have a streamlined workflow using cutting-edge production technology, collaborative online tools, and cloud-based applications. This means we are free to provide you with the most creative, flexible, and highest-quality projects, all on a budget that won’t make you sweat.

We focus on what’s most important—your message. So don’t let our small size fool you.

We are also one of the only production companies in Virginia to offer a full 4K workflow from shoot to deliverable. This means uncompromising quality without sacrificing a single pixel.

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