"Have Church"

While shooting this music video for Jacquie, Richard gets taken to church only to find himself working a few production miracles.

Artist: Jaquie
Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Check out the artist Jacquie and her Youtube page.

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Take it to Church.

I often have to work very hard to find opportunities and gigs, and that was even more true before I worked at Sprocket. Through time, traveling, and my experiences, I’ve developed a pretty good list of resources which I have relied on to find projects, as well as personal recommendations, networking events, and just word-of-mouth.

But sometimes I just get lucky. The artist of this video, Jacquie, contacted me based on my Thumbtack portfolio. In the past I had used Thumbtack for several projects, and had more or less stopped using the service when I was tapped to shoot this video. So I guess this was a form of “you make your own luck”, or “the harder I work the luckier I get”, rather than blind chance. It was a welcome pleasure to be contacted out of the blue, and since I love shooting music videos, I was immediately intrigued.

The production of this video wasn’t without its hurdles, of course, but like any project I had to work with the resources I had available to me to create something that the client wanted. In this case, Jacquie already had a location picked out, but there was only one problem: she wanted a song titled “Have Church” to NOT take place in a church. We, of course, made it work.

Working together with Lew from Fraga Studios and a couple of other excellent freelancers, we shot this in one day on a shoestring budget, and had a great time filming. It was a pleasure working with Jacquie and Christal and filming on location in Maryland.

This was shot on DSLRs and edited in Final Cut Pro 6. It was the last project on which I used the real Final Cut Pro. I then had to upgrade to FCPX, which realistically meant I switched to Adobe Premiere. FCPX has gotten better since I first started with it, but when Apple switched to FCPX, it was a blatant slap in the face to professional video editors everywhere, and it still offends me. Though I doubt very much I will ever voluntarily use an FCP platform again, you never know what the future may hold…

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