Contrary to popular belief, I am not a shutter bug. I am a professional who works with models, events, films, and stock photography. Check out a few of the projects I've shot for.

I shoot people.

(with a camera, of course)

One of my favorite things to do is to create images. Funny enough, although I have been trained in the fine arts and have spent years in the film and video world, I have only recently delved into professional-level photography. Since starting, I have had the pleasure of working with incredible models, amazing filmmakers, and beautiful business people.


In the professional film and photography worlds, you typically try to narrow your skills towards one goal (i.e. there are sports photographers, fashion photographers, product photographers, etc.). As a photographer, I try not to limit myself to one category. Since photography is a creative outlet for me, rather than just a paycheck, I have the freedom to take on every project I am passionate about, rather than only the lucrative ones.

I work with models, I am a set photographer, an architectural photographer, an event photographer, a headshot photographer, and even an iStock Photographer.

I love to do it all.

With my film experience, I tend to lean towards having control of the image, so studio work really appeals to me. That’s not to say I don’t get a kick out of photographing concerts and conferences! Above you can see a few stills from my wide variety of work.


If you wander around the site you can learn about specific projects I have worked on. I encourage you to browse through them. Find what inspires you. And most of all enjoy the photographs for what they are: a way to view the world through someone else’s eyes.

Recent works