"Not Sure"

A music video for an artist in Nashville, TN.

Artist: Floyd Spain
Role: Producer, Director, Editor

Hear Floyd Spain music, get the songs, and hear some acoustic covers.

Jeff Spain

Getting the Message Across. Literally.

Jeff Spain, Jr. (who you may have seen in some of our 48 Hour Film Projects), was in need of a music video for his newest single as Floyd Spain, “Not Sure”. We worked together to develop a concept (as opposed to a simple performance-only video), and set about shooting it in two half-days.

With very little budget to speak of, we worked together to come up with a concept and a ‘story’ for the video. Rather than just a performance piece, Jeff wanted something that had a little more meaning behind it, and thus set the challenge to us to create an idea that would translate what his music is about, be interesting to watch, and still not take away from the song itself.

The concept we came up with – remember, this is a $0 budget shoot for a friend – was to have our main characters digging up different messages from the dirt, as a metaphor for “digging for the answers”. In order to portray this, we had a small group of helpers writing different messages on burlap sheets which we would bury throughout Chapel Island in Richmond. These messages were to start with negative messages and slowly move their way into positive messages, finally ending with the enigmatic “keep digging” message. The idea being that you can never have all of the answers.

In order to further the look, we hung the burlap strips from wires suspended around Jeff during his performance sequence, and worked the dolly through them to create interesting foreground and background elements. This also tied the visuals of the storyline to the visuals of his performance. Besides, we wanted to create something for Jeff that was a step up from the typical “man with a guitar on the sidewalk” video.

For the storyline shoot, we had a blast working with Jeff, Clay, and Miriam, as we dug up half of Chapel Island in Richmond, VA. We buried the burlap messages in various holes around the beach, and had Clay and Miriam dig them up. We had over twenty holes by the end of the shoot. But don’t worry, we filled all of the holes back in.

Jeff lives in Nashville, TN, where he is releasing his album, “Floyd Spain.” Look for him around Nashville and find him on all of the facey-spacey tweety-page social networking sites.

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