Modera Tempo

A brand video for a luxury apartment complex in Alexandria, Virginia

Client: Mill Creek Residential/Modera Tempo
Role: Producer, Director, Editor

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Modera Tempo

Next Level Video.

Modera Tempo is brand-spanking-new. In fact, when we were asked to shoot their property, the exterior wasn’t yet finished! Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Modera Tempo is a luxury apartment complex that is leasing up fast. In order to promote their new property, Mill Creek Residential needed a video that was as “next-level” as their brand. Rather than using a group that already had a ‘template’ for retail videos, they acknowledged the need for a more artistic touch. It was a pleasure to be asked to produce and direct the video, and we had a great time visiting the property and capturing what was already a beautifully designed area.

In order to give the project a little bit more life, we shot with a “slider” as well as a small dolly on the ground and table tops (we’re talking really small, like, 3 inches). This gives us those smooth, slow movements that we love so much. In post, we decided to use a little bit of After Effects magic to make a container for the video. We created a “creamy” look by using the white gradient background and transitioning between the images by keyframing the shots and sliding them. It creates a bit of an optical illusion, because the white background appears to slide around the images when in fact the images move and the white background stays in the same place. This technique also allowed us to show more than one image on screen at a time while still avoiding the awful “split-screen” design. Modera Tempo was happy to have a smooth way to show off as many of their ammenities as they could.

I am very pleased with the final product, and Modera Tempo was just as pleased. In fact, they’re working with us at Sprocket Media Works to create more! For now, enjoy the smooth, luxurious look of Alexandria’s elegant mix of urban fashion and comfort that is Modera Tempo.

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