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Client: James River Writers
Production Company:Fraga Studios
Role: Director, Editor

Check out the James River Writers. It’s a great resource for anyone involved with the written word.

James River Writers

The Written Word. Visualized.

The James River Writers, or JRW, is a multi-faceted non-profit organization that serves as central Virginia’s literary hub and a welcoming home for anyone who loves the written word. Aspiring and professional writers of all genres benefit from a variety of programs, services, and events, often presented in partnership with other cultural organizations. Every year the JRW brings the James River Writers Convention to Richmond, VA. This is a gathering of authors, writers, agents, editors and publishers that provides worlds of opportunities to writers and those in the publishing industry.

The Convention is a big deal, and to showcase the event, the JRW needed a video for their website and social media; something that could let the world know about the wonderful opportunities JRW brings to Virginians. Working with Fraga Studios, we created just such a video.

Combining timelapse photography and Fraga’s good old fashioned shooting skills, we created a video that is driven by the very wordsmiths that the world has come to know and love. We interviewed over 20 authors, agents, editors and publishers in the middle of a convention. Rich works with the guys and gals at Fraga Studios often, and they did a stellar job. Along with video production, they create product photography, model photography, and do some pretty cool work for comic conventions around the US.

The JRW has been successfully using the video to educate new members, grow their online and social media presence, and intrigue investors and donors. The video has helped them continue to grow and bring more opportunities for writers to Virginia.

Then Photographed.

In addition to being a proud card-carrying member of the JRW, I shoot event photography for them on occasion. The projects are always fun, and as a writer I get twice as much out of every event I’m able to attend.

They offer great networking events and educational talks. I suggest you check them out if you’re at all interested in anything literary.

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