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Client: Any Designer or Company
Role: Photographer
  • Maymont_48
  • Airplane_4
  • Carpentry_14
  • Mistletoe Side
  • Christmas Stock
  • Forks
  • Chain in Ireland
  • Muscled Man
  • Large-beaked bird
  • Giraffe
  • Brittany_5
  • Space Pilot
  • Red Hood
  • Army Girl Photoshoot

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iStock Photo

I’ve got your photos in stock.

In addition to producing and directing video, I also periodically shoot stock photos for iStockphoto. Why? Because that’s how I earn easy money. If you’re a freelancer or are ‘lightly’ employed, I cannot stress enough how big of an opportunity you’re missing out on if you’re not shooting stock. It’s so simple, it’s so much fun, and your work will keep earning you money forever.

Here’s how it works: Freelancers are always looking for opportunities to make a little bit of extra money (okay, everyone is), right? So, you shoot a photo and upload it to a site like iStock, Pond5, Shutterstock, or any of the dozens of other stock sites. The site sells it, and you receive a royalty every time the photo is purchased. Each photo earns you money. And it continues to make money in perpetuity, which means for the rest of time. I recommend stock photo, video, or art, to everyone I talk to because it literally means free money.

Creatively, it’s also a wonderful way to experiment with new gear or try out a concept no one has approved yet. You do whatever you’d like, however you’d like, whenever you’d like. There is no down side.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am proud to be an iStockphoto Contributing Artist. Above you can see just a few examples of my stock photos that are available through iStock. More importantly, I shoot stock because it is fun. I get to work with excellent models, fellow photographers, artists of all kinds, and I can be as creative or lazy as I want. If I have an artsy-fartsy concept I want to try, I can do that. If I just want something basic like someone frowning, I can do that, too. Everything I do has value, and I get the chance to do whatever I want on my own schedule. You can’t really put a price on that.

If you want to make money from you work and aren’t selling stock, you’re either earning too much dough to care, or you’re just too lazy. If that’s the case, you have no excuse.

Granted, I’m not expecting to get rich selling stock photos. But photography is such an entertaining creative outlet for me that I’m okay with that. And if I do happen to strike it rich, all the better.

PS – If you’re looking for other ways to make a few extra bucks, check out the resources page.

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