Dead Silence

A short film that will have even the dead talking.

Production Company: Scalalwag Pictures
Genre: Horror
Length: 2 Mins.


Dead Silence

“Dead Silence” is a short film put together by Shooting Richard and Scalawag Pictures, the production company Richard founded to create film festival entries and personal film projects.

The film was conceived by the same group that works on the Richmond 48 Hour Film Project every year. We had a few spare good ideas and an available afternoon, so we decided to fire up the camera and shoot a short. The film has been shown in a spattering of film festivals throughout the East Coast, but isn’t being marketed. It’s merely a pet project (and it was a whole lot of fun to shoot).

See. Told you it was fun to shoot.

Scalawag Pictures wrote and shot this film in less than a day (which is rare in the professional film world), and the post-production only took a few days. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects, the finished product has turned out to be a favorite among the Scalawags who tend to like horror. Most notably, Mr. Screamfreak and the Red Vein Army helped with the production of the film, and they love the scares it provides.

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