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Video. Photo. Writing. Editing. Creating. Sandcastle-Building.

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Who is Shooting Richard?

I create exceptional content for clients, helping them tell their stories and promote their businesses.

I am a director, producer, writer, photographer and crew member with professional experience in the film, television, commercial and industrial video worlds. I am the producer and director for Sprocket Media Works, a high-end production company in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve won numerous awards and recognition for my work, and enjoy nothing more than telling stories.

Working in Richmond and traveling across the country, I am not only a video production professional, but an editor, photographer, writer and adventurer. When not working, you can find me writing, drawing, traveling, rock climbing, refining my sandcastle-sculpting skills, attending live events, or searching for the inspiration for my next novel.

I am always on the lookout for some way to get involved in yet another misadventure. If you have something heart-wrenching, dangerous, or just downright fun, I’m interested in helping you tell your story.


I’m not just a film nerd. Educated at James Madison University, I actually have a degree for what I do. A SMAD degree. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, SMAD stands for JMU’s prestigious School of Media Arts and Design. I concentrated in Directing and Producing, much to the chagrin of my editing professor, who very seriously wanted me to become an editor. I still enjoy a good deal of editing, however it is not my only passion. Editing is the visual poetry that brings everything together, but there is so much more to telling stories that I simply couldn’t stay behind a computer. Instead, I am a producer and director, and I am often the driving creative force behind the projects I work on.

My passion for creativity started early. Since the first grade I had been placed in advanced art classes, and this naturally led to my love for all things visual. I also have an ear for music and play the bass guitar and dabble with the old acoustic six-string. My favorite past-time is to tell stories and help create events that entertain the public. I’ve found that filmmaking is the combination of all of the arts, and so it seems only natural that I was drawn to directing and producing. Film and video is a mix of visual art, auditory art, writing, poetry, performance, design, and explosions. And, most importantly, it allows me to tell stories.

Did you know?

No one is one-dimensional. I firmly believe everyone is more than their jobs, or their resumes, or their social networking sites. Each of us has hidden eccentricities and funny little fixations. Here are some of mine, for all the world to see. I hope you enjoy, and embrace your different dimensions.

Sand Castle Sculpting

It’s a family tradition. Although we’ve yet to enter a competition, our family typically gets together once a year or so to construct sand sculptures and to…well, hang out at the beach. It’s a vacation, therapy, and a workout all in one. It allows us to unleash some of our creative juices in a relaxing way. After all, there’s no wrong way to carve your own sand castle. Our cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, and even strangers all contribute their talents, and we end up with a mosaic of design and structure. A work of art. We’ve done traditional castles, Mayan pyramids, volcanoes, Southern homesteads, Gothic designs, and even sculpted animals. They’re usually around 5 or 6 feet tall, and building them is a project we encourage everyone to enjoy.

Curiosity piqued? See some castle photos here.

Fine Art: Using Only Pencils

My love of art started at a very young age, and coincided with my love of dinosaurs. I had a coloring book with different dinosaurs that I worked my way through, page by page. When I got to the page with the Tyrannosaurs Rex, I noticed the book’s artist had given it three fingers. To a dino-phile such as five-year-old Rich, this was blaspheme. I took it upon myself to learn to draw that T-Rex exactly as I saw it in the book, except with the anatomically-correct two fingers. From there, I grew into the fine arts, particularly with pencils, and eventually into video and photography. Although I now use computers and cameras to create images, I never lost my love for simple black-and-white pencil drawings.

Look through my eyes. See some of the pictures here.

People I’ve worked with.

Although I live in Richmond, I’ve worked with hundreds of people all across the world, including New York City where I lived and worked freelance for a time. I’ve shot in NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, DC, NoVA, Hampton Rhodes, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Tampa, Charlotte, rural Vermont, Germany, Ireland, Grand Cayman, and many, many more. Here are some of the amazing clients I have worked with.


Awards I’ve Won

Although most of the work I do is not eligible for an Oscar, I have managed to grab a few awards in the past for my work. Here is a random sampling of my favorites. Besides, sometimes modesty is overrated.


Contact me.

Questions? Comments? Eccentricities? Everyone loves a chance to talk about themselves, and I’m no different. Reach out to me with your queries or really dangerous ideas and I just might reach back. I’m always looking for new ways to get into trouble.