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I am a storyteller.

No matter the medium, I am concerned with telling stories in the most creative ways possible. I am a video producer and director, I am a photographer, and I am an author. I’ve worked on projects with Hollywood-sized budgets and I’ve bled for projects that would be happy to have even a single dollar. I’ve written 300-page novels and 3-second TV promos. No matter what I do, I never forget that it’s all about the story. I am a creative, and that is the world I love.

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Here you can find links and articles to industry-specific resources. These include things that I’ve used, done, or wish I’d used and done. Check them out. You might be at surprised what you’ve been missing.

Shoot it.

Here you’ll find links, videos, and information of all sorts regarding the film industry, shooting, and jobs in production.  

Capture it.

Links, articles and how-tos regarding photography and Photoshopping. It’s a great starting place to either grow your skillz or show off.

Scribble it.

Here are resources for writers including information, articles, and links that can help you familiarize yourself with the publishing world.  

Earn it.

Opportunities and links to different ways I’ve found to make extra cashola when freelancing (or your 9-5) is slow.


Recent Articles.

This is the Richard Bailey, or Shooting Richard, blog featuring articles I’ve written about video, film, writing, and jobs. Here you’ll find information on how to improve your filmmaking, how to find jobs in the industry, how to write better and sell your words, and even how to perform better at your everyday job. You never know what you might dig up.

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Editing, Photography, Production, Video, Writing

In today’s world, if you’re not at least a little bit creative, pretty soon a robot will be doing your job. But coming up with those […]


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